Career Assessment Quiz

This quiz will help you decide which career in manufacturing might be a good fit for you.

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My superhuman power is:

Business man superhero

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My most important work tool is:

Wrenches on a keyboard

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When camping, I’m most interested in:

Tent in woods

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In terms of my work style, I prefer:

Smiling man

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I want to finish my schooling in:

Pins on a calendar

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When faced with a blank sheet of paper, I:

Blank paper

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Personally, I’m best at:

Smiling girl

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When it comes to problem solving, the tool I’m most comfortable with is:

Lightbulb made out of paper

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The restaurant table is wobbly. I:

Table leg

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Above all, people say I’m:

Friends on a bench

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When I think about basketball shoe design, I wonder:

Basketball player

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I’m ready for my career to start:

Calendar on a tablet

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I know I’ve put in a good workday when:

Three people working

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I gravitate toward games like:


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In math classes, I:

Formulas on a blackboard

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As I think about my career, above all I want:

Girl thinking

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I would rather work on:

Teens studying

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My bike is squeaking. I:

Bicycle repair

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What sounds like the most fun?

Boy in a row of people

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At my future career, I see myself wearing:

Shirts on hangers

Does this sound like you?

Today’s manufacturers offer great career opportunities for people who:

  • Like to be challenged and solve problems.
  • Want opportunities to grow and learn.
  • Like clean, high-tech working conditions.
  • Want to find ways to help the environment.
  • Intend to work in their field right away after graduation.
  • Want to earn enough to live well.
  • Plan to move up in their career.


Research and information taken from Career OneStop, Career Manufacturing, CAREERWise Education (formerly iSeek), Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic, Minnesota State Colleges & Universities Workforce Assessment Initiative, National Association of Manufacturers, O*NET, The Manufacturing Institute, U.S. Department of Labor and Wanted Analytics. Information is subject to change without notice.

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